BIKND JetPack Bike Travel Case for Air Travel Bicycle Protection - Black

BIKND JetPack Bike Travel Case for Air Travel Bicycle Protection - Black

IMAGINE owning a a travel case that stores your source of travel. Now you can with a Jetpack Bike Case!
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Bike Travel Case
Color: Black

"The Absolute Best Bike Bag for Airplane Travel"

The Biknd Jetpack travel case brings Biknds famous airbag protection to a travel case that will shield a wide array of bikes. From road to DH, FR, XC and Enduro the Jetpack is a fully customizable travel case that works with most bikes. The lightweight and ultra-strong aluminum-retaining axle is easily adjustable and, with your bike in place, includes a safe-locking mechanism to ensure superior hold while in transit.

Inflatable airbags lighten the overall load, while delivering heavyweight protection by absorbing shock from all angles redirecting energy away from potential damage areas. Interior features built for superior travel protection include airbag, stem, and crank covers, as well as powerhouse fork protection.

All of these features are housed within a rugged, flexible exterior. Jetpack's adaptable and ergonomic design combines cutting-edge materials with strategically placed reinforcements. A protective hub that's built tough to withstand external impacts powers the pack's Optimal Force Distribution System - your ultimate ally against in-flight bang-ups. The bike case rigidity is provided by the bike as it attached on an aluminum and plastic base. The bike is attached to the front and rear axles, therefore the bike itself is providing compression strength. Added handles on the side and front for easier maneuverability. Depending upon the bike you leave the saddle and derailleur on (it is of course recommended to remove the rear derailleur).

Biknd JetPack Bicycle Carrier

  • 60 degree opening for ease of packing/unpacking
  • Lightweight 15.4 pounds (7kg)
  • Aluminum frame
  • Allen key set will be provided in the case
  • Air bag protection
  • Exterior dimensions 31.5" tall 51.2" long and 10.25" wide (80cm x 130cm x 26cm)
  • Convenient stowaway down to 12" x 14" x 50"

    Biknd JetPack Bicycle Carrier

  • One size fits allAir protection coupled with a lightweight aluminum base equals a fully customizable fit that synchs with all XC, DH,FR, road, and enduro bikes.

  • Low weightEasy to handle with only 7kg/15.5lb

  • Convenient StowawayWhen not in use the Jetpack conveniently folds down into its 12”x 14”x 50” nyloncover.

  • Roler ConvenienceRear wheels make rolling to and from arrivals and departures a cinch. Additionalcarry-friendly features include main handles on the top and one in the front.