1 Pair Biknd OXYGEN Bicycle Wheel Bags Ultralight Air Travel Bike Cases 2

1 Pair Biknd OXYGEN Bicycle Wheel Bags Ultralight Air Travel Bike Cases 2

IMAGINE owning a a travel case that stores your source of travel. Now you can with a Oxygen Wheel Case!
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Helium Air-Cushioned
Wheel Travel Case
Color: Black

"The Absolute Best Bike Bag for Airplane Travel"

Riding the success of the Biknd helium travel cases, the new Biknd Oxygen integrates strategically positioned inflatable dividers in an ultra-light, multifunctional package for the ultimate in wheel case protection.

Wheels are secured via innovative parachute umbrellas, designed for efficient inflation and easy overall maintenance. Biknd Oxygen is the first wheel bag of its kind to offer unbeatable air-bag protection. This equals rugged strength, stability, and bombproof protection in a lightweight go-anywhere travel system. Lockable and free standing. Hubcaps and precision aligned plastic-reinforced sides deliver technologically advanced armor in the form of 100-percent wheel protection.

With a 180-degree wide-mouth opening, packing your wheels is now effortless. The O2 case uses a combination of light, flexible materials and rigid reinforcements, securing your wheels from unforeseen damage at an extremely low weight (2.5kg, or 5.5lbs). Simply align your wheel in the middle of the case and you're ready to travel. With airline luggage quantity and weight restrictions on the rise, the Biknd O2 is engineered to connect multiple cases together into one piece of seamless luggage. With a revamped hubcap design, cases are combined via a Velcro-and-buckle system. The plush shoulder strap (provided) is built for comfort and ease of transfer.

  • Protection: Robust, unbeatable air protection.
  • Lightweight: Designed for ease of transport and 180º wide-mouth opening.
  • Ready to fly: Created for globetrotters who travel with their bicycle. Authorized by TSA.
  • Road: One size fits all.
  • Mountain: One size fits all, 29er, 26er compatible.
  • Triathlon: One size fits all.

  • Width: 24 cm
  • Length: 70 cm
  • Height: 70 cm