BIKND JetPack XL Bike Travel Case for Air Travel Bicycle Protection

BIKND JetPack XL Bike Travel Case for Air Travel Bicycle Protection


IMAGINE owning a a travel case that stores your source of travel. Now you can with a Jetpack XL Bike Case!

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Biknd JetPack XL
Bike Travel Case
"The Absolute Best Bike Bag for Airplane Travel"

The ultimate travel solution for bikes with longer wheelbases, the JETPACK V2 XL’s integrated aluminium support bar and innovative inflatable nylon airbag wall-system flanks your precious longer, lower and slacker-sized cargo providing ultimate protection without the need to buy any extra parts or adaptors. New axle sizes of 15 x 110, 12 x 157 and 12 x 148 mm are now available, and the Jetpack V2 XL is 10 cm longer that its standard version kin meaning you can carry now your bike with the derailleur still attached (up to 1310 mm.) Rugged roller wheels and an easy gripping handle improve convenience and portability, while the bag’s lightweight build complies with luggage weight restrictions across myriad airlines.

  • Plastic sheeting & Foam: With integrated plastic sheeting on both exterior sides that is cut to enable extra protection against impacts, the top ¾ inch and plastic PE board provide the best front and rear protection
  • Airbag Protection: Inflatable airbags lighten the overall load, while delivering heavyweight protection by absorbing shock from all angles redirecting energy away from potential damage areas
  • 360º Opening: Ease of access with opening on both sides that helps with foldability for a better storage
  • Integrated Aluminum Frame: The lightweight and ultra-strong aluminum-retaining axle is easily adjustable and, with your bike in place, includes a safe-locking mechanism to ensure superior hold while in transit
  • Wheel Compartments: Equipped with separated placements patented hub cap holders that remain everything in place, even if the case is opened during airport inspections
  • Hub Cap Technology: The “Hubcap Technology” prevents the wheels from any damage allowing it simply to absorb the vibration of a huge hit
  • Versatility: Specifically designed for mountain bikes, but can easily carry road and gravel bikes or a tri-bike with an integrated seat post
  • Stability: The lightweight aluminum tube, that makes the full length of the bag, combined with the adaptable wheel axle fastenings, allows you to attach the bike through the front and rear wheel axles to stabilize the bike during packing and transport
  • Through axle and quick-release compatible: This case is designed to accommodate both thru-axle and standard quick-release. The adapter kit that comes with the case gives you the possibility to switch from one another really easily
  • Includes several different sizes of adapters to ensure a perfect fit for your bike

  • 360-degree opening for ease of packing and unpacking
  • Lightweight: 24.25 pounds (10.4 kg) when empty
  • Exterior dimensions: 56.7" x 13.8" x 31.5" (144 cm x 35 cm x 80 cm)
  • Folded dimensions: 56.7" x 13.8" x 12.6" (144 cm x 35 cm x 32 cm)
  • Maximum wheelbase of 53.2" (1350 mm) from the center of the front axle to the center of the rear axle
  • Adapter sizes and quantities include:
    • 9-10 mm x 135 mm (4)
    • 12 mm x 142/150 mm (2)
    • 15 mm x 100 mm (2)
    • 20 mm x 110 mm (2)
    • Spacer 2 mm (4)
    • 12 mm x 100 mm (2)
    • 15 mm x 110 mm (2)
    • 12 mm x 148 mm (2)
    • 12 mm x 157 mm (2)
  • Boost standard hubs will require either different spacers or an axle adapter kit