SCICON AeroComfort 2.0 TSA Bike Travel Case for Airplane Travel - Black

SCICON AeroComfort 2.0 TSA Bike Travel Case for Airplane Travel - Black

IMAGINE a legendary soft case that is light, water resistant and user-friendly. Easy to store and airplane safe!
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AeroComfort TSA 2.0
Bike Travel Case
for Airplane Travel

The AeroComfort TSA 2.0 is the perfect solution for cyclists wishing to protect their precious load when traveling by plane but don't want to use a hard case, which can (for example) be difficult to fit inside small cars.

The AeroComfort TSA 2.0 offers the flexibility and lightness of soft bags, combined with the stability and safety of a hard case. It comes with the Anti-shock Bike Frame which protects all critical parts from impacts and vibrations.

AeroComfort TSA 2.0 has been carefully designed around the bike geometry: you even don't need to remove the handlebar. Your bike can be stowed very easily; you just have to store the wheels in the individual padded wheel compartments.

Many teams prefer this solution because it's easy to store bikes in the truck while still guaranteeing great bike protection.

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Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 TSA

  • Inside Stabilizer System ISS: an innovative adjustable straps combination and a saddle cover that hold the bike in the critical areas and keeps it steady to the ABF.
  • External lateral shields cups.
  • A reinforcement to avoid abrasions to the bag and protect the wheels' hubs.
  • Bottom Reinforcement.A foundation with an anti-tear material that preserves the bikes critical parts.
  • Double padded inner pockets with zipper for road and MTB bike wheels.
  • Bi-directional shoulder strap (remove before flight)
  • Extra strong wheels. Diameter 40mm with bearings.
  • Name tag holder with privacy cover.

Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 TSA

    Black: TP 053 00 48 13

    Material: Nylon fabric 840 padded

    Fastening: Self-healing zips

    Weight: 7,7 Kg

    External Dimensions: L 118cm x D 25cm x H 90cm