POWERLUNG SPORT Breathing Trainer Power Lung

POWERLUNG SPORT Breathing Trainer Power Lung

IMAGINE improving your breathing power and lung capacity each and every day!
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PowerLung "Sport" Breathing Trainer

Breathing while you exercise is not training for your lung muscles, it is only exercise. PowerLung is the only product to threshold resistance train in the same breath the muscles used to inhale and exhale. You can increase your endurance and your performance when you train the muscles you use to breathe without drugs or supplements.

Regardless of your sport or activity, whether you are a performance athlete or just starting a fitness program, either the PowerLung Sport or Trainer can help improve your breathing, muscle strength, oxygen delivery, and performance. We have learned through experience that the PowerLung Sport is for the very serious athlete who already has developed good lung capacity. If you are a dedicated weekend athlete, you should seriously consider the PowerLung Trainer rather than the Sport. We think you will be happier with your purchase.

The Sport model provides a serious workout at a high level of resistance. The PowerLung Sport offers users the optimum in isolated threshold resistance strength training.

With performance training like this, you won't want to let this great deal pass you by!

PowerLung does what wind sprints, breath control, yoga, pilates, or deep breathing exercise cannot do. PowerLung strength trains your breathing muscles so they can meet the demands you place on your respiratory system. PowerLung makes any breath control activity or exercise more effective.

Who gets the most benefit from PowerLung Sport:

  • Elite athletes, professional and amateurs who strenuously train 4 or more hours per week
  • People whose occupations demand intense oxygen delivery such as fire, police, rescue personnel and divers to name but a few
  • People whose occupations, or vocations, require strong breath control activity such as those who act, sing, play brass and woodwind instruments or are public speakers

Each of these groups of people are accustomed to breath control and using it to address the demands placed on their respiratory system during work or play.

Package Includes:

  • Sport model
  • Instructions
  • Zipper Carrying Case
  • Product Registration Form

Elite Athletes / Top Performance

The Sport model uses maximum resistance training specifically designed for elite athletes and those in superior physical condition. For those engaged in strenuous, competitive training activities the Sport offers the highest levels of resistance. This model is not suited for the casual user, performing artist, or those whose activity is moderate to high.

Select the Sport if you have the physical conditioning of a Navy SEAL or professional athlete.

Technical Information:

  • Length: 2.5 in (6.35 cm)
  • Width: 7.63 in (19.38 cm)
  • Depth: 2.7 in (6.86 cm)
  • Weight: 0.28 lbs (0.13 kg)