Selle SMP Dynamic Bicycle Saddle Seat - Carbon Rails - Blue Made in Italy

Selle SMP Dynamic Bicycle Saddle Seat - Carbon Rails - Blue Made in Italy

IMAGINE A bike saddle built with the extreme cyclist in mind at an affordable price!
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Selle SMP
Dynamic Bike Saddle

Color: Blue with Carbon Rails

The DYNAMIC model is the ideal seat for intensive training or free time cycling. It uses the structure of the Forma model joined with minimal padding. It is covered in real leather in the black versions and Lorica microfiber in the colored versions. It has excellent all-around features and is particularly suited for the medium-wide pelvis. The DYNAMIC model has foamed elastomer padding where the ischial tuberosities and rear rest.

The patented features by Selle SMP, such as the completely free central channel, the original eagle-beak nose and the raised rear give these models an interesting aerodynamic touch. In virtue of its very small padding it is particularly suited for thin people with medium-wide pelvises.


  • The central channel of the saddle varies in width (2-4cm) to contour the body and allow continuous circulation of blood flow.
  • The front section of the saddle with its beak-shaped design offers excellent support when pedaling hard.
  • The design of the outer mid-section is shaped to follow your thigh muscles to maximize blood circulation and pedaling power.
  • 274mm in length and 138mm in width, the overall weight of the rider is distributed throughout the saddle to offer comfort without sacrificing performance.
  • 210 g/Made in Italy.


    Covering: Real Leather in the Black Version and Lorica Microfiber in the colored versions
    Padding: Foamed Elastomer
    Casing: Nylon 12 charged with Carbon Fiber
    Frame:Carbon Fiber
    Dimensions: 274 x 138 mm
    Weight: 210 g